7 reasons not to bother writing a biography 


Okay not that Im in the stage in my life where I could write a biography but I always wonder how and why that 6 year old from britains got talent has a new book out titled something along the lines of ‘The truth: my life’, it seems like every man and his dog has got one! But here are 7 reasons why it all seems like a really rubbish idea to me…

1) Nobody cares that in year 5 you stuck your hands together with glue, waited for it to dry and peel it off…we all did that!

2) Who would ever want to relive every embarrassing awkward moment ever, like that time you were 16 and got mega drunk off of lambrini and threw up…

3) You cannot make years of double maths and chemistry sound interesting, so forget the teenage years.

4) People have to know all the bad stuff about you too, you can’t just pretend to be a charity giving angel, people want the nitty gritty, like all those years of stealing penny sweets from the corner shop! 

5) Even that girl from Geordie Shore has one and no ones even sure if she can write, that’s a lot of competition! 

6) How do you find 300 pages worth of material ‘well on 25th of February 2012 I went to sainsburies and then I came home and then I remembered I forgot to buy milk’ it’s gunna be difficult! 

7) Thanks to Facebook people know the good, the bad and the ugly anyway so there’s not really that much point is there… 

If you could, would you write a biography? 

Love Robyn 

16 thoughts on “7 reasons not to bother writing a biography ”

  1. Well no. It’d be embarrassing as Hell. Nobody needs to know about that time I landed in dried horse poo after my very stubborn horse threw me off. Age 10.

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  2. I think you mean an ‘autobiography’. I’m sorry this sounds like I’m ‘correcting’ you here, but don’t worry Robyn, when I was young, I thought an autobiography was the story of the life of a car! So there’s no hope for me…

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