It’s that time of the week again! Here are the 7 best comments!

hey everybody what a weeks it been you fantastic wonderfully weird people, I’ve had some real crackers this weekend, I mean really you guys are great! So I’ve been slaving away for a good few hours thinking about who’s gunna top the list and I think I finally have the answers! So sit back, relax and see you comes out victorious this week!

The most honest:

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again you guys share a lot of personal stuff with me…a lot, but this weeks best and most nitty gritty comment has to be the wonderful DoesItEvenMatterWhoIam’s,( go check her blog out its hilarious):

Bikinis are fun for tanning… until you accidentally yank your own tit out in front of a pool full of families whilst trying to pull on your cover up so you can run to the loo. Yes, that actually happened to me last weekend.

The best Jaffa cake related one:

Okay I didn’t think that this award would make a comeback but it did because the excellent Gilbo has taken another top spot for the first time in history (3 weeks), please please go check out his blog, he will make you laugh so much you’ll need to pee! Keep stopping by Gilbo!

O.M.G. Poor MARIAJAY76! Having to only imagine what a Jaffa cake looks like, by watching YouTube videos. That is so sad & just about as useful as a photograph of oxygen to a drowning man. You can probably guess that I missed my ‘JC’ anonymous meeting this week!

The weirdest comment (about horseflies):

I learn so much from you guys but even though I got one hell of a description from Nombre de la pluma about horseflies, I’m still none the wiser:

Picture your tiny, ordinary house fly, then blow it up to ten times its’ normal size and give the bastard a long pointy straw for a mouth, a bite that hurts like fuck and leaves a large welt behind, and a voracious vampire’s appetite for blood. That’s a horsefly. They even like swimmers and will wait for you to surface so they can get a taste. Or another taste. I may be exaggerating a little, but I’m not exaggerating

The interesting point of view:

I love hearing what you guys have to say, thanks to newbie commenter Lucie for stopping by!

Interesting points of view….and I think everyone has VALID points and statements. I’m an older, “gay woman” (I strongly dislike that description- too limiting. I prefer saying that my partner is a woman.). That being said, I think this young woman is highly attractive, but I say so as one human being viewing another human being’s physical attributes. Has nothing to do with the fact that I’m “gay”. I find men highly attractive, too. And I highly appreciate “Aviets” comments, because we DO have a lot of “serious crap” to put up with because of our “differences. I find, though, that most days I look at my “differences” (mental, physical, etc) through a “humerous lense” because it just helps me “get through the day”. Personally, I don’t take offense at most expressions, unless it’s done so in a MEAN spirit. Believe me, strangers prejudice against me as a “gay woman” has hurt me to my core, but people using various adjectives depicting my “differences” in a humerous fashion really doesn’t bother me. Guess it just depends on the situation and person saying it. Anyways, that’s just my subjective opinion, looking at life FROM MY SHOES!

The funniest one about WordPress:

This commenter I think summed up all our relationships with Wordppress on my ‘signs you and WordPress might be best friends’, thanks dbbacon (I also really appreciated your pug comment!)!

WordPress is a domineering, dictatorly mistress who laughs at and takes advantage of the fact that I rely on her for publishing my comics, eating my brain out with little annoyances that are far worse than anything big. I should probably learn code

The Comment that made me think ‘ooh this has to be in the awards’:

This one made me laugh so much! It’s about blogging and the relationship and I just think it’s so so funny! Thanks so much for stopping by nocturnal reflections, you’re always welcome!

My blog to me is my therapist. I have appointments with it and I come, I sit and vent myself and I check out. I imagine it going home and taking a long shower trying to get all those things off it haha

The loveliest: 

You guys are just the cutest to me and I love it when I get Comments like this, thanks so much to Sfarnell for leaving me this (its about how to deal with summer when it’s hot and you’re english), also I like the stand up comedian bit!

This is so funny, it’s exactly what I do. A few extra’s for you:

1) Complaining it’s too hot and still wearing jeans.

2) Keeping an umbrella close and watching every cloud.

3) Very cautious of Wimbledon and it’s never complete without at least 10 heavy showers.

I love your humour, it’s brilliant, you could be a stand up comedian with your blogs 😛

Thanks so much to everyone that stops by, I love getting your comments so much! Nothing puts a smile on my face quite like them!

Have a great Monday!

 Love Robyn! 

2 thoughts on “It’s that time of the week again! Here are the 7 best comments!”

  1. Wow, that description of horseflies is going to haunt my nightmares. By the way, your award categories are getting super specific. “And the award for best movie involving an autistic little person riding a bike in a thunderstorm goes to…”

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