Is it okay to turn gay? (For Ruby Rose)


Over the past few weeks Ruby Rose has taken the world by storm. And that is not just a thing writers say. She really really has.

I’m a person that doesn’t watch Orange is the New Black (yeeeees I know, I’m crazy) and yet my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been Bombarded by this woman! So naturally being nosey I did a google into who this mysteriously beautiful face was and and ta-da, it’s Ruby Rose!

She’s an 29 year old Australian and apparently she’s got girls ‘going gay’ for her…

‘Going gay’ is a wierd phrase..

Can you just ‘go gay’?  Is that a thing? 

She’s beautiful, even a cat could see that, is it really okay to go from noticing someone’s beauty straight to ‘oh obviously I’m a lesbian..’? 

Are we maybe a bit uncomfortable with seeing beauty in people of the same sex? Therefore we  exaggerate just a little a bit because that makes everybody laugh…

Or is it just a joke? What do you think? Let me know! 

Whatever it is the people love you Ruby Rose! 

Love Robyn 

18 thoughts on “Is it okay to turn gay? (For Ruby Rose)”

  1. I often think about this, usually in relation to the same subject. I think it is a joke because she is so strikingly gorgeous, at least when I think/say it. There is a deeper conversation there of course, but I guess the answer may vary from person to person! xo

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  2. I think it’s just a phrase. I’m insane for Emilia Clarke. I think she’s the most beautiful woman on Earth, and I absolutely have a girl crush on her. Would I quit men for her? Hmm. Well, maybe! Oh my! I don’t know where I was going with this…*googling images of the Mother of Dragons*


  3. Does it matter who you lust after or fall in love with? It’s about feelings you have for a person, they can’t be turned off I guess they’re there. What you do about them is up to you… so yeah – why not?

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  4. Hmm…I’m sure when people say that they’re trying to be funny, but I think it’s pretty offensive. Too many really ignorant people think that people just “decide” to be gay, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to perpetuate that stupidity. It’s like how I get really pissed off when people say they’re “depressed” because they ran out of lipstick or their favorite radio station went off the air. Depression is a debilitating illness that has seriously affected my life, so don’t make light of it! Same with when people say they’re being “OCD.” Holy cow, if you had any idea what it’s like to live with any amount of OCD in your house (my husband has some diagnosed tencancies) you wouldn’t think it was funny.

    It’s not about being “polically correct” or about not having a sense of humor. It’s about being empathetic to the serious crap people have to put up with in their lives. -Amy

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  5. I don’t think people quite grasp the concept that sexuality being a spectrum, even though Alfred Kinsey came up with the Kinsey scale back in 1948. So, no, “going gay” is not a thing unless you’re bisexual and deciding to only have sexual relations with the same sex exclusively. “Mom, I’ve been drifting back and forth, but I think I’m going gay. I’m going full-on gay…though in my monogamous relationship I may ask my partner to cross-dress. Why am I telling my mom all of this?”
    These people are talking about dabbling in gay, experimenting, or just flat out acknowledging the symmetricality of a person of the same gender. But also, I don’t really care. On the scale of things to be concerned about, this nomenclature isn’t all that important.

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  6. I will weigh in, oh, roughly in another year when I can check the DVD out from the local library! (As you can see, staying wildly current is not my strong suit…)


  7. Interesting points of view….and I think everyone has VALID points and statements. I’m an older, “gay woman” (I strongly dislike that description- too limiting. I prefer saying that my partner is a woman.). That being said, I think this young woman is highly attractive, but I say so as one human being viewing another human being’s physical attributes. Has nothing to do with the fact that I’m “gay”. I find men highly attractive, too. And I highly appreciate “Aviets” comments, because we DO have a lot of “serious crap” to put up with because of our “differences. I find, though, that most days I look at my “differences” (mental, physical, etc) through a “humerous lense” because it just helps me “get through the day”. Personally, I don’t take offense at most expressions, unless it’s done so in a MEAN spirit. Believe me, strangers prejudice against me as a “gay woman” has hurt me to my core, but people using various adjectives depicting my “differences” in a humerous fashion really doesn’t bother me. Guess it just depends on the situation and person saying it. Anyways, that’s just my subjective opinion, looking at life FROM MY SHOES!

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