Going on holiday? Here are the..

First of all you would be surprised by how many search results you get from typing in ‘pug suitcase’ into Google, second of all…woo it’s that lovely time of year again! The summer holidays are within your grasp and you can literally smell the sun lotion and sangria fueled regret from here..

Stage 1; Your mum has refused to help this year because every time she does you just come along and re pack everything she said you don’t need,  that means it’s a one man battle against you, 4 pairs of shoes and and an already very full carry on suitcase..

Stage 2: Oh do you remember last year in Spain….I wonder if i still have that blue kaftan somewhere, I must do…if I’ve thrown it away I’ll be really annoyed, kaftans are so In right now. 

Stage 3: Still no kaftan and now I’m getting a bit hungry….maybe a little snack is in order *goes downstairs and eats entire kitchen including cupboards*

Stage 4: *comes back upstairs and stares at suitcase* HAHA maybe the kaftan is already in the suitcase! I’ll just take this out..and it in there…

Stage 5: *Sits in pile of clothes* nope. No kaftan…. Maybe…I could just….smush everything back in…

Stage 6: Maybe I can convince somebody who loves me to come and help…..heeeeeelp heeeeelp heeeeeelp!

Love Robyn 

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