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11 signs that you and WordPress might be best buddies…


Me and my blog have know each other for about 3 months now…

3 and half..

Yes that I what I meant, 3 and a half months and at some point along the way we have built this bond, this truly wonderful-want to text you all the time and talk over wine- feeling, which is why today I’m gunna celebrate our friendship!

You sound weird…

I know.

1) You know that quality time is key, mornings, noons and nights, you’re always there for each other. 

2) Sometimes just before you go to bed you’re awoken by something you just have to tell them! Something that will make Mrs Blog LOL. 

3) You find yourself feeling bad for your old friends, they just don’t get you like WordPress does….

4) You’ve even got a special WordPress alert, because who would want to miss any moment of brilliance?!

5) You wish you could ‘check in’ on Facebook to ‘having cocktails with my blog’ but everyone would just think you were weird.

6) All the inside jokes…you just had to be there…

7) Partners, wives, boyfriends all know that interrupting you and Mrs blog during an Intense catch up would not be worthwhile..

8) You don’t even need to ask real humans anymore about what to wear, there are millions of fashion blogs are your finger tips, siiiigh the simple life. 

9) You are the annoying person that bombards Twitter and Facebook with links of the fun times you and WordPress have had. 

10) Sometimes you don’t speak for aaaaages but you know it’s fun a be okay when you come back, it will be just the same!

11) People do actively avoid asking you questions about your blog to avoid a 16 hour ramble on hour brilliant it is. 

Yes that was wierd.. I think I’ll go spend some time humaning now outside with the other humans….

Love Robyn! 

26 thoughts on “11 signs that you and WordPress might be best buddies…”

  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, back off your blog a little. You don’t want to come off clingy or smother your new love. Let your blog know that you’re into it, but that you also have separate interests. You don’t want this relationship to burn too bright and then, six months down the line, you’re left wondering where that initial infatuation has gone because sustaining this level of passion for an extended period is exhausting. Hold on, are we still talking about WordPress?

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      1. WordPress is a domineering, dictatorly mistress who laughs at and takes advantage of the fact that I rely on her for publishing my comics, eating my brain out with little annoyances that are far worse than anything big. I should probably learn code.

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  2. WordPress loves me. I go to her to be completely transparent… except the disguise and secret hidden bunker. I think she likes an element of dark, possibly malevolent, mysteriousness. I go to my bunker with her and tell everything. There’s nowhere else I can be this honest, or my friends and family, if they haven’t already, would all quit me. I might be a few cards short of a straight flush, or I might not. I don’t think anyone else but WP appreciates how well I’m possibly bluffing. I don’t invite my normal friends to my bunker, but WP can come over any time.~DM


  3. The number 2 does fit in my catagory…if I think of something at 2,3, or 4 etc. in the morning, I’ll get up and jott it down before it leaves my brain! I can’t always depend on my memory bank…it’s usually too full! Word Press had me at “create a Blog” !!! 🙂

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  4. 6 is good. My partner doesn’t like ‘WP’ as somebody named it, (They must be really close). She thinks I have a secret lover & that the blogging is just a front! But I think WordPress is really jealous too, as I don’t think she likes sharing my posts with anyone else & that’s why I hardly ever get any readers or comments. You so funny Robyn!

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