To selfie or not to selfie? 


We all do it,  we all feel as fabulous as this fabulous little doggy with curly hair at some points and we just feel like we have to share this down right fabulousness with the world. So we take a selfie or 2 (or 500) add a touch of filter and upload it to whatever social media site. 

Hmm but when you reallllly think about it, it does seem a bit weird.

‘Hello friends, here’s a picture of my face in case you forgot what I look like, oh and btw I look so much better now. ‘

Is it just fishing for compliments? Well I think we all have to say yes, nobody does it because of their photography skills, we take selfies because we looked in the mirror and thought ‘hey hot stuff, you foiiiiine, I’m going to share this with the Internet!’ or something a lot those lines. 

And I can kind of  see why it can be a bit erm well dull  because unless something really interesting happening in the photo you are just looking at someone’s face and unless you are said person in the picture it’s a lot less exciting. 

But still that’s not going to stop me Selfie-ing, technology has blessed us with filters and Instagram so therefore I say embrace it!

Just not Belfies, never Belfies.

Do you love a good selfie? Or are you totally against them? Tell me either way.

Love Robyn!

11 thoughts on “To selfie or not to selfie? ”

  1. My sister has literally tortured me every single and though still my sending her pouty-faced smileys and i am like they are good 😛 but every single time she sends me i get tired of watching the same face again n no novelty in selfies 😛
    I like seldom selfies not every fudging day 😛
    what’s belfies ?


  2. Lol it’s like your only chance to tell the world, “Look at me! I look fabulous today!’ Or even to say, “Hey I’m happy today. I’ve got the best life. I just need to exaggerate how great my life is with all my designer clothes and my celebrity status of a life!’

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      1. Haha I am more of that ‘I look and feel pretty today, so let me take a selfie’ person.


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