How to waste time…


Disclaimer: sadly this is not my pug or my photo 😦 

I spend most of my time doing totally useless things, watching videos of cats, looking a pictures of pugs or just generally being an idiot instead of doing important things. It wastes a lot of time so I would call myself a bit of an expert in this field, so I decided to share with you lovely reader, my tips on how to waste time.

1. Open a packet of Jaffa cakes and delicately and time wastingly eat first the chocolate and then the jelly and the cake. For all 24.

2. Stalk one person on Instagram and see how far into their family or friends you can get. 
3. Decide to make a whole sunday dinner, on a Tuesday. 

4. Instead of simply tidying up and getting on with the day sit on the floor and look through old things you find.

5. Decide that now is the time to have a long catch up with someone you haven’t spoken to in roughly 2 years via text so you have to waste more time pulling your phone out of your pocket every 2 minutes. 

6. When it turns out you should be sat down doing work turn into a domestic goddess and clean the house. 

7. Walk around the house distracting other people doing funny dances and impressions.

8. Decide that today is the day you learn how to make macaroons.

9. Have a word document sat there looking pretty but blank, decide to look for inspiration on the Internet, never works, it’s a procrastinators dream. 

10. Make a time table to plan your studying effectively, if you use enough fancy colours  and fonts that should eat into Monday’s revision time quite nicely.m

11. Oh you have to quickly check your emails? Why not spend a whole afternoon organising and deleting junk mail!? 

12. Purposefully don’t turn your phone on silent, let it ping away until you crack under pressure and check it.

13. Rather than get ready and be on time, waste your time doing things like testing old felt tip pens or instagramming cat pictures until you’re absolutely going to be late. 

14. Purposefully don’t pair your socks together so you can waste good useful time trying to find the other red socks!

15. Start on series one of ‘Orange is the new black’ during exam season or right before an important meeting that should prevent some serious being a grown up-ness. 

Got any of your own? 

Love Robyn!

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15 thoughts on “How to waste time…”

  1. I keep on checking my WP notification instead if getting ready for my office or I ll keep on sitting thinking stuff that ll never happen 😂😂

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  2. Hey! #4 is something I end up doing every time I do any cleaning! Slows down the process so much and sometimes I end up not finishing cleaning at all! And Have totally done #8.
    Great list! 🙂

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