You’re a terrible morning person and you know it when..


  • When you get out of your duvet cocoon it feels like you’ve just been birthed into the world
  • You have to wake up at 7 so you have alarms from 5.50 onwards.
  • Early morning lectures, dentist appointments or meetings are the bane of your life and you would swap your left foot for a lie in. 
  • Your brain takes till 11am to start to function. 
  • You lay in bed ‘resting your eyes’ which usually turns into being late. .
  • You either want all the foods in the world or you cannot imagine ever eating ever again on a morning. 
  • Every time your alarm goes off you think ‘how can that be?! I just went to sleep!’ 
  • You have had water splashed over you to wake you up. 
  • Exam mornings are probably the only times you get out of bed on time because nobody wants to risk missing that. 
  • Brunch just doesn’t exist in your world. However breakfast for lunch does. 
  • Early morning bikram yoga?! NO. 
  • You wish everybody would have a mute button before 10am. 
  • Sometimes getting dressed on a morning seems like a really daunting task and you might even cry if you can’t find the right pair of shoes.
  • You have gotten out of bed so late before that there was no point in changing out of pyjamas.
  • You have missed important events like seeing Jupiter or solar eclipses because you were asleep.
  • You have wondered about the pain and horror it will be when you have children and you have to wake up early every day.
  • You kind of get this sickly feeling when you wake up early (e.g before 10).
  • You don’t even wake up early for your birthday.
  • You get reaally ratty when you are separated from your beloved bed and a good nights sleep.
  • People that spring merrily out of bed confuse and bewilder you. 
  • You have been known to create a duvet barricade against sounds or alarms. 
  • The alarm noise might be a simple beep beep but to you it’s as loud and as terrifying as 50000 fire alarms going off in sync…every 10 minutes. 
  • The dread you have when you stay at someone’s house and they are a morning person. 
  • It might seem like your awake but actually your eyes have just opened and you’re not capable of speaking coherently. 
  • You refer to 7am as ‘the middle of the night’.

Love Robyn

16 thoughts on “You’re a terrible morning person and you know it when..”

  1. This is not the post for me. I don’t understand it at all. Yes, I’m a morning person. I’d like not to be, but its just how I’m wired. Up at 5:00 a.m. everyday without an alarm.

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  2. I am able to get up as soon as the alarm sounds. However, if it is a day when I have nowhere to go and all day to get there, I set the alarm for noon. I love to sleep late, but when I need to get up early, I don’t have a problem with it. That being said, I loved this post!

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