7 stages to going on a detox

Its that time of year where I start think ‘hmmm maybe Jaffa cakes aren’t the best breakfast’ and i see adverts about holidays, and then I attempt (attempt and NOT succeed ) in trying to be healthy and fabulous and all shiny because all the vitamins. 

Stage 1: The incredibly positive attitude, you’ve been on Instagram and printed off a work out calendar, you are gunna look Elle Macpherson in a week.

Stage 2: you’ve been for a run and you ate something green this morning, but now it’s lunchtime and that women on the bus is eating a McDonald’s  and you just saw an advert for pizza. NO SNAP OUT OF IT, REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE DOING THIS. 


Stage 3: You brought carrot sticks and hummus to work, your friends  laughed and asked you why? Even though you told them like 400 times you’re on a health kick! Does nobody ever listen?! 


Stage 4: Now the real test comes, you made it the whole day ignoring the foody delights but you’re out at dinner the words creamy, buttery and chocolatey are jumping out at you. You might be sweating.

Stage 5: Your friends food arrives it’s something fatty and carby and delicious and your salad doesn’t look quite as inviting. Your friend offers you a nibble…


Stage 6: Monday suddenly seems like a better day to start the detox again, maybe just a tiny slice of cake for dessert


Stage 7: You sit patting your food baby, saying ‘Monday, definately Monday’.


love Robyn. 

14 thoughts on “7 stages to going on a detox”

  1. Ah love, keep eating whatever the hell you like! For now, your metabolism can handle it. After you are over 25, then you can start to worry more about what you eat, but these are the days that you should get to say F it, and stuff all the glorious stuff into your mouth! Yum!


      1. Well, I always say, the trick to getting a bikini body is as follows: Step one, have a body. Step two, put on a bikini. Step three, live it up!

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  2. Of all the food I miss in life it’s pepperoni and mushroom pizza with extra cheese. Not that I have huge self-control. The stomach is an unforgiving master. 🙂

    Go forth, enjoy eating what you love, and if you have to get rid of something, lose the stiletto’s and corsets. A few decades from now, the hammer-toe and back problems will be far worse.

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  3. I have always found that dieting is useless. It’s better if you change your habits such as changing one meal e.g. stop having those chocolate cereal and swap it for scrambled egg. Then once you have turned that into a habbit, focus on your lunch, then your tea, then you’re able to look at your snacking – since that IS the hardest! Loved your images in the post though 🙂

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