Things only lazy people understand


All the things, having to do all things, naaaaah

  • Clothes don’t reaaaally need to be ironed of folded just simply placed over the back of a chair, bed or even floor. 
  • You will empty the milk carton, pretend that wasn’t you and put it back in fridge. 
  • The thought of havIng to go outside to buy food is absolutely daunting especially when your 4 series’ in on Netflix.
  • Your go to ‘after work’ or ‘after to being a grown up’ clothes are pyjamas. 
  • All the alarms because all the laying around in bed doing nothing is way better than being productive. 
  • Naps can last about 5 hours. 
  • Sunday evenings mean cramming in all the work you were too lazy to do in the weekend. Worth it. 
  • Being cold but being too lazy to go get a jumper. 
  • Why bother going outside? When you can buy clothes AND food on the internet whilst still wearing pyjamas. 
  • You might have an optimistic ‘wake up early and go to bikram yoga’ alarm but you snooze it, everyday. 
  • When it does mean going outside you’re doing everything, shopping, jogging, going to the dentist, visiting your grandma, that way you dont have to worry about it for another few weeks. 
  • The  growth of social media has stunted your ‘being able to go outside and  see real people’ growth. 
  • Genuine struggle every Monday morning when it comes to being a grown up again.
  • Going to the shop more times  in your pyjamas than socially accepted because you’re too lazy to get changed.
  • It is vitally important that there is a plug socket next to the bed because ain’t nobody got time to get out of bed and look for socket.
  • Inviting yourself to other people’s houses because of they come round to yours that means you have to hoover, wash up, blah blah blah. 
  • You feel jealous of 3 year olds who still get pushed around in a pram, walking everywhere blurghk.
  • More often than not dinner is pasta, because just boiling it. 
  • The only thing your getting up for on a Sunday morning is brunch.

Love, Robyn.


6 thoughts on “Things only lazy people understand”

  1. I identify with so much of this post

    I don’t wear pyjamas in bed but I have a big fluffy dressing gown (my comfort garment) that I wrap myself in when I come home from work, when I’m dossing around the house at the weekend, and when I’m taking the dogs to the park when it’s cold outside

    and I’m with Joan Rivers regarding housework when she said . . .

    “I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again.” 😆


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