Signs you maybe, possibly, definitely, might be a man/woman-child


  • You still go to your mums house to do your washing…because you’re not entirely sure how to use yours.
  • You’re not sure if you know exactly what ‘brunch’ is. 


  • People who have real jobs kind of belwilder you and command your respect.   
  • When your student loan gets a bit thin you have been known to go back to your mums house and turn into ‘number 1 child’.
  • Talking about your feelings only happens after large quantities of alcohol.


  • Playing football manager is the closest thing you’ve got to a job.
  • The moment you have money it gets spent on cheeseburgers and beer.


  • You have to leave your house once a day otherwise you have been known to ‘get a little weird’. 


  • You have seriously considered dropping out of university to become a DJ.
  • You have had to call your mum up to ask ‘how to boil a potato’. 


  • .Your smart trousers/shoes are probably the same pair you bought for either year 11 or year 13 prom.  


  • You have the attention span of a fly.

  • You are still absolutely baffled by basic human things and sometimes you are irrational angry about them. 


Love, Robyn. 



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