5 reasons why I’m not okay with this Vogue cover


This is Gisele Bündchen, she is declard as being the ‘last remaining supermodel’,at just 16 she walked on the runway at the New York City fashion show, and now Forbes have named her 89th most powerful woman in the world. She’s a humanitarian, a mother, a millionaire and to celebrate her 20 years in modelling the Brazillian Vogue paid homage to her by putting her on the front (picture above). But for some reasons this photo makes me reaaaaally uncomfortable…

  1. She is a supermodel and carries a size 6 dress size, so she’s never going to look like a hippo but in this picture if anything emphasises too much of her tiny frame. Her back seems to bend in an abnormal way, she doesn’t look powerful, she looks meek and afraid, I’m just not sure why Vogue chose to present one of the most powerful women in the world in such a light? 
  2. She’s naked. Well she was a Victoria secret model and so the chances that you’ve seen her semi naked are high but this is different, she’s full on naked. This coupled with her almost cowering frame does do anything to project the feeling that she is ‘celebrating’ 20 years as one of the most successful models in history.
  3. She’s just an incredibly beautiful thing  stood on a pedastool, that says nothing and does nothing. 
  4. Along the same lines, Giselle Bündchen has does a lot more than stand around looking pretty, she is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and yet here she’s just another (skeletal) body on the front of a magazines, that people look at and buy. 
  5. Her body is in greyscale whereas Vogue’ and the number ’20’ are in gold, now it doesn’t take a skilled artistic critic to understand the significance there. I just wondered if they were trying to celebrate and pull focus onto her, instead of her just being another naked cover girl. Then why not have her as the focal point instead of the Vogue institution and the ’20’, which is supposed to show her landmark 20 years in fashion (although it doesn’t mention that on the cover)? 

I love to hear if anybody else felt a little too uncomfortable looking at this cover aswell. 

Love, Robyn. 


15 thoughts on “5 reasons why I’m not okay with this Vogue cover”

  1. I see how people and yourself can see this as an issue as she does do other stuff which amounts to more than modelling. But being a supermodel was the thing that started her career so that is what they would focus on. Although, I am in agreement that maybe she didn’t have to be naked!


    1. Yeah you’re right and of course being a supermodel got her to where she was today, but tbh I don’t think the cover does celebrate even that, it’s her being all naked and doesn’t really mention her 20 years in the industry xx but thank you for replying, glad to hear your thoughts xx

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  2. Awe, I love Gisele! I wish they would’ve shown her in a different way though. She is a flawless and powerful woman, but this doesn’t exemplify that. I know nothing about the industry, but to me, this doesn’t really show off her amazing features.

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  3. The nudity doesn’t bother me as much as the cowering. It doesn’t portray the strong wife, mother, and woman that is Gisele. I would much rather have seen the picture of her breastfeeding while her team is getting her ready for a shoot. That picture more accurately portrayed her life and set a more inspiring picture for woman. No we can’t all be super models but it showed her life as a mother juggling life as we all do.

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  4. Hmm I’m on the fence about this.. I see how it looks artistic. Nudity can be metaphoric of vulnerability. She does look rather thin and I’m sure they edited the photo! It would have been more inspirational to see her depicted a different way, like all of you ladies are saying. I agree 💓


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