If any sound could describe today it’s ‘gfffrghk’


After today, I now know exactly why Londoners are so bloody agressive when they’re on the tube (and also in every other aspect of their lives) and I’m not anywhere near London. I had a crazy, bloody day with fecking public tansport, buses that come 30 minutes late, smelly people on said buses (seriously at what point do you start smelling without caring) nearly being run over by a stupid bloody driver (seriously I’ve failed my driving test 5 times and even I’m probably a better driver (excuse the hyperbolic tone but ARGHGHRHR IT’S TRUE) and then people looking at me dazed as I struggle to get my bike of the tram. 

Why is it the day that you’re running late, forgotten to brush your teeth and your  coat that everything systematically goes wrong?! 

Sigh, I sure am glad, I have a bunch of strangers on the internet to complain to because surely you guys don’t have your own worries or qualms?

Sigh well at least I managed to transport all that chocolate I mentioned in the last post (by eating it, thanks for the suggestions) we are somewhat moved in, now it just means me getting off my butt and sorting things which I’m not grand at, meh, I can do the very British thing of making cups of tea? So if I’m not here, making you laugh as much, it’s because I’m busy probably avoiding responsibility and making myself look busy. 

Happy friday everybody (for tomorrow), you guys deserved it (as well as a healthy dose of red wine),

Love Robyn! 

21 thoughts on “If any sound could describe today it’s ‘gfffrghk’”

      1. The way you write, your voice in my head sounded American. 🙂 shopping at the mall/H&M, your obsession with food sounds very American, your name. Never occurred to me you weren’t, lol. I’m American I mean no offense by this 🙂


  1. You make me laugh – you’re very British making tea. I thought you were gogin to share the chocolate? It must have weighed you down all of that wonderful choccie 🙂
    Hope you have a good Friday .

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      1. so goes the depth of my obsession, I googled the expression to find out- its the uncle from Jackie Chan’s animated “Jackie Chan Adventures,” and I’m satisfied I did remember it from somewhere. My son used to watch that. Thank you!


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