Chocolate has basically no calories…


This weekend not only my purse but also my waist took a real hit.

Me and my boyfriend, the greedy people we are, took ourselves to Aachen for the day. Aachen is a beautiful old town, with a huge Cathedral and yeah basically its beautiful. 

Oooh but it gets better. Aachen is home to the the Lindt factory.

And that is basically how I am now in this situation, the proud owner of approximately 5000 kilos of pure chocolate heaven and the will power of a two year old.

Seriously why do I do this to myself? Anyway to make myself feel better we are all adopting the party line ‘Chocolate has basically no calories’ (and technically Chocolate has milk in it- practically a healthy food). Don’t we all feel better now? 

We now also have the slight problem of heaving 5000000 kilos of chocolate around because we are currently going through the delightful task of moving.

 I hate moving. 

I’m literally the most least organised (does that work?) person in the world, I’m not even organised enough to pair my socks together, which is terrible because moving is essentially the act of organising all your stuff into big brown boxes. 

I really do need to work out a way to beam my mum over for help.

Anyway if you guys have an hints or tips on a) how to move without going absolutely fucking crazy or b) the most brilliant way to demolish 500000000 kilos of chocolate heaven I would be really gratefull. 

Love Robyn !

28 thoughts on “Chocolate has basically no calories…”

  1. Hey Robyn, nice try… you might a sweetie in more ways than one but you and I both know that Chocolate does have calories. I’m sorry, if you need a handkerchief to wipe the tears from your eyes, I can give you that. So the best course of action is I think for you to send me over half of this chocolate stash and let me save you.
    As for the organising yourself, I do sympathise, however I don’t think mummy is coming over to help and I don’t think your other bloggies can either. I don’t think even Jaffa Cakes could tempt us lol


  2. This is easy. Store the chocolate is a dry, cool place until after the move. (not with friends — it won’t be there when you get back) Next, open the door to your apartment, throw in two (or three) fragmentation grenades — walk away and go get your chocolate.

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  3. a) Don’t move.

    b) By “demolish” I assume you mean consume. Chocolate consumed with coffee (dropped in bits to melt in a mug, simply popped in the mouth and chased with brew, whatever) covers all food groups.

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  4. Those Lindor balls are just the best. Can eat a pack in a sitting no problem. And still want more. Have a chocolate party before you leave the old flat. Or bribe friends with chocolate to help you do the move.. X

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  5. Sell everything. No … really … SELL EVERYTHING! It’s very intimidating to consider doing … and so extremely liberating after it’s done.

    I used to have a 5 bedroom house, plus photo studio. It took a 26 foot long truck to move everything … twice (you move a lot in the entertainment business sometimes!). I decided never again and sold everything the last time. If it didn’t fit in the SUV, it’s didn’t make the move. Life is so very much simpler now! 😉


  6. Hm….I love chocolate! My “walking shirt” says that “I walk for chocolate”! But, alas, dear girl, the milk in chocolate is actually not good for us…I also LOVE milk, but milk (according to my more knowledgeable friends) is meant for calves. (Now, mind you, we could always reason that I’m lookin’ more and more “calf-like” these days with my weight gain, but that is neither here nor there and now I’m truly going down a path of silliness that surely there is no return from!!) Cute post! Thanks for the smile and for reading MY silliness, as well! 🙂


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