The problem isn’t about holding doors open 


Okay I spend a lot of time on the Internet and even when I’m not on the Internet I’m kind of always thinking about going on the Internet. It’s a full blown addiction. I’m a child of the super electronic turbo age (or whatever people called the 90s to the 2000’s). And I see a lot of things, and to be honest it’s kind of my way of reading a newspaper. Because I’m not really bothered about reading newspapers they are so big and to be honest I have quite small arms. But anyway I’m veering quite off topic here, what I’m trying to say is that I know SOME things that are kind of relevant right now. 

Shall we just say I know there’s still some confusion about feminism and sexism and feminists against a sexists and sexists against feminists and it all just seems to spiral all on and on in a spiral of hate and sexism and feminism. And to be honest I don’t really think anyone will ever agree, because in a world of Facebook and Twitter where it’s so easy to call Tanya from Essex a ‘fat slut’ or call Milli from Surrey ‘a hairy breasted feminist’ it’s too easy to be nasty. 

Now I know it’s impossible for people to never be offended at anything. But what’s not impossible? a) not being an arse on the Internet and b) not being an arse in real life. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Scenario number 1: 

A woman is walking down the street minding her own business. 

How not to be an arse in real life:

Don’t shout rude and disrespectful things in the street at women. Or in that case anybody. 

  • Scenario number 2:

A woman is in a bar, you buy here drink but she does not want to sleep with you.

How not to be an arse in real life:

Do not continue to harass this woman until you make her and every other female and probably male in the vicinity feel uncomfortable. 

  • Scenario number 3:

A woman is wearing a dress. 

How not to be an arse in real life:

Don’t presume because she’s dressed a certain way that automatically gives you a right to touch her or say degrading things. 

Now obviously the problem lies with a minority of idiots and a lot of men know these GLARINGLY obvious things already but what baffles me is how easy it is for people to get away with behaving this way. 

How can be people be taught by educated female teachers and  hear about women in places of power and still struggle with the basic idea of equality? 

It’s just strange and now the worrying thing is with social media it’s too easy for small minded people to voice their opinions, to blindly like Facebook pages and to group together. Obviously there needs to be more regulation on this kind of activity on Facebook, on Twitter etc in order to validate and protect ideas that reflect the 21st century.

Now let’s stop being mean on the Internet please. 

Love, Robyn.

2 thoughts on “The problem isn’t about holding doors open ”

  1. I’m totally an internet addict. I drew a a cartoon about internet addiction once. A guy is sitting in front of his computer. On the screen it says:

    Tom: Hi, my name’s Tom and I’m an internet addict.
    Sara: Hi, Tom.
    Mike: hi, Tom
    Chris: Hi, Tom
    Jennifer: Hi, Tom

    (caption:) Online support groups


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