Why it’s rubbish (but also great) being the baby of the family


and the worst part? I’m not even the youngest. 

  • Everyone does and will make fun of you, all the time, especially about embarrassing things that happened to you when you were 2. 
  • Even if you think you might be mature and intelligent, you’re not, you’re still 5. 
  • You DO NOT get to choose what’s on the TV.
  • Everyone gets a misty eyed at the thought of you growing up and words like ‘abandon’ get thrown around a lot. 
  • Your mum still buys chicken nuggets and potato faces because ‘you used to like them when you were little’. 
  • you can’t really seem to do things wrong.
  • Christmas still means presents.
  • Family members do seem to think that you don’t know how to do tasks like the washing up or ironing.
  • Everyone looks a bit confused when you do things like make dinner or clean up and asks ‘what do you want?’.
  • When other people get annoyed it’s called an argument when you get annoyed it’s called a tantrum. 
  • You still have nicknames like ‘sprout’ or ‘donkey’ that DO still get used and YES in public.
  • It’s okay to forget your purse on family outings *smiles smugly* Sorry dad. 
  • Your family get seriously involved with anything interesting/unsavoury to do with you on Facebook. 
  • People still ask you if you want to be a ‘vet’ because that’s what you wanted to be at 6.
  • You are the resident tea maker, your working hours: usually 9am on a Sunday morning.

But it would be so so so weird to have it any other way, 

Love Robyn. 

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