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7 ways to avoid blogger ‘cheese’

You know that horrible moment when you think you've been really organised and prepared a blog post in advance only to realise, that you somehow forgot to save it and now all you have is a trusty picture of a pug in cheese hat? That. Right now. Todays blog post is going to be about… Continue reading 7 ways to avoid blogger ‘cheese’

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Who do you blog for?

I ask myself this question everytime I worry about stats, or every time I have this weird argument in my head where I think 'no I don't need to write a blog post today' and then moments later 'yes yes I do, what about...or...wait...'. And at that point I usually realise that nothing dramatically dangerous… Continue reading Who do you blog for?

Blogging tips and tricks

9 things I learnt about having a blog

  1) The sad sad sad reality is that the moment you publish something will probably be followed by silence. Internet silence, and you just have to be okay with the fact you're probably not going to be sprung into internet stardom just because you posted a picture of pug on the Internet. It's a… Continue reading 9 things I learnt about having a blog