How to deal with summer when it’s hot and you’re English

   STOP EVERYBODY.  JUST STOP.  THERE IS A BIG BRIGHT BURNY YELLOW THING IN THE SKY.  AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WIND OR RAIN OR GREY OR ANYTHING... AND EVERYBODY IS GOING CRAZY.  Including me. I can't handle it. So I thought I would try and be useful and create a concise list of how… Continue reading How to deal with summer when it’s hot and you’re English


Is girly a compliment?

   Words are so strange. Words are sometimes so wonderfully wonderful and then sometimes words are just poop.  But then words are sometimes confusing. Like the word girly.  I have used the word girly to describe myself. But then I have used it to not describe myself and I have wrinkled my nose at the… Continue reading Is girly a compliment?


Once upon a time…in real life 

  The bit where Carrie goes for cocktails  in Sex and the City would be 2 for £8 pitchers at her local wetherspoons. Whenever Hugh Grant was being charmingly English, people  wouldn't actually be ale to understand him and the local veg man would shout 'eh what you talking about mate??'. The Prince Charming never… Continue reading Once upon a time…in real life