12 things to embrace…


Hello wonderful world of blogging, ot’s been an interesting few days because phone addicted Robyn had to face reality without a phone because someone…me…left their phone on the bus but thanks to the kindness of strangers my darling Samsung is back in my arms. So the procrastination and blog post writing can begin again! Hurrah!

Seeing as I was feeling positive, I wanted to make this post about accepting things we just can’t defeat…like losing your phone on the bus- it will probably happen!

1) You will go on holiday, drink your body weight in beer and realise that you’ve come home roughly a size and a half bigger.

2) Buying biscuits when you go shopping- it doesn’t matter if you’re hungry or not, they are going in the trolley!

3) The annoying girl at the party will stick to you like glue until you manage to shake her off on the way to the loo.

4) There’s no such thing as ‘popping in for one’. There is a such thing as waking up with a mouth full of Hangover and a mind full of Regret.

5) You can’t plan your life around buses- it’s futile and you need to stop.

6) There is no way to hide the stench of a day kebab.

7) Organic food does admittedly taste a lot better than normal food.

8) People that snapchat you whilst at the gym aren’t trying to shame you, they are an on an endorphine high and don’t care.

9) You can pack your suitcase, prinr boarding pass off etc a week in advance but you will still be got doing the 5 minute rush before you set off to the airport.

10) The sound of chewing is someyhing you will have to learn to live with.

11) Not everybody likes it when you touch their dog.

12) Wearing a white shirt is just asking for bother…

Love Robyn

4 thoughts on “12 things to embrace…”

  1. I love the line “a mouth full of hangover.” If I ever write a rock and blues song…that’s going in there.
    Your post made me think, and I might have to come up with some “truths” about my life. Thanks.


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