17 Signs you’re getting ooooold


Getting old is something we can’t avoid, it happens to us all but here are 17 signs you are turning into a grandma (and you like it)…

1) You get a feeling of satisfaction after you clean out your wardrobe and put stuff in binbags for charity.

2) You actually take said bin bags to the charity shop instead of just leaving them in the loft.

3) You start to think that staying up until 4 will probs make you a big grumpy bum seeing as you have to be at work at 8.

4) You bring your own sandwiches to work instead of popping down to M & S and scoffing a bacony meal deal.

5) The saving accounts that used to be called ‘V Festival’ or ‘Magaluf’ are now called ‘pay back overdraft’.

6) You phone your mum to ask about crises such as ‘how to iron a shirt’ less.

7)You actually have been known to watch a foreign telly show with subtitles! Reading and watching TV?!

8) You spend more time binge watching Netflix in your onesie than binge drinking.

9) You know what the word ‘artisan’ means.

10) You have a calander on your fridge that tells you when the bins need to go out.

11) You look at 16 year old girls and wish you still had the guts to go out not wearing a coat.

12) The list of alcoholic beverages that make you make the sound ‘bwprgjydgh’ is getting increasingly longer.

13) Your friends bring red wine to your house instead of 2 bottles of Sainsbury’s basic vodka.

14) Your recipes have extended beyond pasta-pesto and you have been known to dabble into the skillfull world of cake baking.

15) You are more and more likely to be ten minutes early than ten minutes late.
16) People have stopped asking you what you do for a living/study and the annoyinh question ‘well what are you going to do after?’.

17) You regressed somewhat into your school days and bought a planner that contains bin days, period days and friend days, with a pretty notebook cover that makes you feel very organised and sophisticated- and means you haven’t forgotten a friend’s birthday in at least a week!

Love Robyn!

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