13 signs you’re an absolute diva…


It’s not that you’re  a diva, it’s that you enjoy the finer things in life…your way….every time…

1) You are very specific about any contact involving your chicken nuggets and beans….

2) You are always on the verge of crying at the supermarket…all these choices….

3) Nine times out of ten you will get to see the movie of your choice, even if it’s a terribly, awful chick-flick with no real plot or substance.

4) Your drama teacher once referred to YOU as being too over dramatic and then did an awkward laugh but everyone knew it was true.

5) You always make a big deal about standing up on the bus until that lady who thinks her bag needs a seat moves it.

6) You have been known to refuse to talk to someone for long periodsof time because one time they suggested your hair was strawberry blonde.

7) You have no room for lateness in your schedule unless it’s you and you need to make an entrance.

8) Your icy stare could freeze pot of vaseline.

9) You have been know to expell people to the living room, whilst you work on your artistic responsibilities  (e.g writing a blog post).

10) People who aren’t prone to dramatic fits of diva-ness freak the shit out if you….who can be happy with everything.

11) You understand Mariah Careys need for ice cold buckets of Evian and bundles of puppies in her tour bus…well why not.

12) You demand all lasagnes to be served in ramakins.

13) You could rival Yankee Candle in the scented candle business. Every room should smell like a feather which has been gazed upon by an angel in summer.

Love Robyn!

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