14 things that instantly put a smile on your face:


I had to put a picture of brunch up because nothing makes me smile mpre than warm croissants and all the cheese!

1) When the bus driver sees you running for the bus (barely managing not to keel over) and waits for you to get on the bus.

2) When people make you a cup of tea ‘just because’.

3) Remembering you did the washing up before you left the house and knowing you can just go and pyjama it up at home.

4) Squeezing out a blog post that’s so great you even make yourself laugh/smile/cry.

5) When babies wear fancy dress costumes.

6) When you realise that you have matching underwear on because nothing says ‘I have my life together’ like matching undies.

7) When you make something for tea which mainly involves healthy stuff like courgettes and mushrooms and it leaves you feeling full and detoxified like the flower fairy you really are.

8) Eating beetroot, or tomato soup or lasagne and managing not to spill a drop on yourself.

9)Picking dried glue off of your hands.

10) When somebody tells you they thought about you the other day and it’s really cute.

11) Watching that Youtube video of the cat trying to get into a cat-hammock.

12) When work speeds along at an  alarming pace and you’re at home with a brew and all serieses of Friends before you know it.

13) When somebody gives you there portion of garlic bread. Is anything better than garlic bread?

14) omg the smell of a baby’s head. So talcy, so addictive.

Love Robyn

20 thoughts on “14 things that instantly put a smile on your face:”

  1. When you get in from a snowy day and there is fresh bread baking in the oven.
    When your favourite chocolate bar is on sale.
    When you see a very expensive car with a parking ticket–okay, I am just being mean and envious–but it does make me smile a little.


  2. 15. Watching old people fighting the wind while walking down the street.
    16. Passing wind in a lift full of people & watching them try to figure out who did it.
    17. Finding a quid on the sidewalk.
    18. Having a pretty girl smile at you.
    19. Seeing your dog run up to you when you come home, wagging his tail, eyes full of love.
    20. Getting the last cookie in the jar.

    Love your lists…fires up my imagination!


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