Ch-ch-changes…and why we need them!


Hello wonderful world of WordPress, Robyn here. I know I’ve been a little MIA of lates but I really do loves ya!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed my lack of posts…right? (If you haven’t nod, smile,). Well I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been on the path to enlightenment. Over the last year this blog has bubbled and brewed and I have met some wonderful blogger peoole, who leave me lovely comments and generally make this whole blogging thing worth while. But also this year has been filled with highs and lows for me personally , although blogging was just what I needed at the beginning of this blog, I’ve realised that I don’t have to post every day to be a huge success because actually that’s not what I’m here for.
So over the past few weeks I’ve been distracted, I’ve been distant and more importantly I’ve been trying to be less of the ticking time bomb that I have been in the past. This meant that blogging just had to give.
But in this time, I’ve realised that it’s okay to only post when I feel inspired or when I know I won’t get blogging constipation.
For a person like me, who doesn’t like letting people down and failing to keep my blog active, it was hard. It was hard stepping back and admitting that I didnt have to write something if I really didn’t want.
So although my writing has been a little stunted, reintroducing it into my life after my blogging break has made me much more inspired (I’m sorry for the blogger cheese). It’s let me do other things like read a draw (draw! I can’t draw what on earth is happening to me) and generally spend less time glued to technology .

Something which in 2016, I want to do more. Spend less time checking comments or ‘likeforlike’ing, to take pictures not just for Instagram. It all sounds like such BS but I’m an absolute addict but it’s definitely for me to stop living my life wondering if there’s a social media gem hidden somewhere and realise that I need to start being more present. Now don’t I sound like a new-fangled hippy?

So I can’t promise that I can go back to posting more frequently, all I can do is promise that I’ll only upload absolute blogging gold (well try to).

Have an amazing Sunday!
Love Robyn xx

9 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes…and why we need them!”

  1. Robyn, you have hit the blogging nail on the head. I started out thinking I’d do a couple of posts each week and my biggest problem would be winnowing the ideas down to the best of the best. Instead I spent many nights thinking, writing,deleting, and re-writing to meet my self-imposed goals and deadlines to come up with the perfect post. Now I write for me. If anybody cares to join me, they are quite welcome. The posts might not always be elegant but they are always real. That’s the best anybody can hope for. It looks like you are on your way your blogging happy place. Write from your heart when your heart says to write. Believe only in yourself and your good luck, Be happy with you first. And always stay real.


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