7 reasons it’s good to have a blog break…


Hello there,

As you may have noticed I’ve not been as active on my blog as I have been in the past, i decided to have a little blog break. Yes I love blogging but sometimes it all gets a bit more and it’s important for me, well for all us to remember that the world won’t crumble if we take the leap and give up on social media for a while.
So heres my seven reasons which explain why it’s important to give yourself a break once in a while…

1) After nearly a year of blogging, it was starting to feel like a chore which I think can happen to anybody. I needed to click the refresh button in my brain.

2 ) A break can help you look at things differently and be inspired by the little things ( rather than getting blog-constipation).

3) Sometimes the things that happen all around us: friendship, studying and family need some of that loving, undivided attention.

4) I’m computer/phone addicted in a completely unhealthy, but I took the weekend off of Instagram and it made me wonder why on earth I was so obsessed with followers and likes.

5) You can’t control everything, if it feels like you are in over your head than something has to go. For me I was so stressed with work that I could barely manage to string a few sentences for a blog post together. It really is all about taking on what you really can.

6) When you’ve finished your ‘blog cleanse’ you can write a handy little blog post about the benefits of taking a break *jazz hands*.

7) Remember your blog will always be there for you, no you might not be getting those wunderbar visiter clicks when you don’t post anything but just forget about that and come back to it when you really want to.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Love Robyn

16 thoughts on “7 reasons it’s good to have a blog break…”

  1. So many good points! Welcome back! I had s bit of a slow blog week last week and ended up taking a bit of an unconscious break due to having been so busy juggling everything for so long. I was worried that once I stopped I’d struggle to get back into it but it has really made a difference to my inspiration levels and I’ve realised it’s better to post less often but post quality content than to force it and bore the pants off everyone!

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