13 things I still don’t understand..


1) The art of drinking one bottle of wine slowly and maturely.

2) The key to getting more than the people you know in real life to follow you on Instagram.

3) How to not accidentally book two things on the same day at the same time which are absolutely impossible to do.

4) Not spending all my small change on doughnut type things.

5) The key to knowing when it’s hat and scarf weather or leather jacket weather.

6) How to open a box of grapes without eating the entire thing.

7) How to talk about my feelings without getting upset or making an inappropriate joke.

8) How to fold my clothes up instead of just stuffing them into a wardrobe and hoping they won’t fall out.

9) Why drinking 1 cup of tea before bed makes you need a wee hourly until morning.

10) Why I clean the kitchen before I start cooking, that just doesn’t make sense and there’s cheese everywhere now.

11) How to not make a joke at somebody else’s expense.

12) To do the washing up befote it explodes into  a mess all over the kitchen like a pottery octopus.

13) How to make a birthday cake for someone else without eating a large chunk of it myself…. or at least the decorations (obvs not the candles).

Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much lately, you know what they say, life is what happens when you’re busy scheduling blog posts.

Love Robyn!

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