13 things to be grateful for…


I thought of this blog post as I actively avoid doing the washing and the well known walk of shame to the the bottle bank- they just collect so fast and all think klingy klang noise.

1) When you realise theres a secret Haribo at the bottom of the bag.

2) When you lug your shopping bags onto the bus and some nice lady budges up to the window so you can sit down.

3) When your other half offers to go the supermarket on a saturday when all the crazy people are out.

4) Realising you have just the right amount of eggs for the big, fat chocolate you need.

5) Remembering you brought your book on that stupidly long train ride which always smells weird.

6) When the cute baby on the bus stays cute the whole tine and doesn’t make a peep.

7) When you wake up five minutes before the alarm you forgot to set should have gone off.

8) When the Sneak Preview is full on chick flick and you don’t have to feel guilty for dragging your boyfriend to it.

9) When you find a box of PG Tips in a mini supermarket in Hamburg and it’s exactly what you need.

10) When the lady next to you on the plane lets you read her old magazines so you can completely avoid doing anything productive.

11) That after exam feeling where you have to remind yourself its over and it’s perfectly fine to non-human for a while.
12 When you realise theres a whole new series for you to watch on Netflix when you get in to binge on.

13) When you don’t have to go into work on a saturday morning.

Love Robyn!

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