10 stages of preparing for an Exam…

So its that day of the year again when we over indulge in lemon and sugar and eat our body weight in pancakes….anything to care of the exam stress, eh?


1) You made a study plan but spent so long designing and coloring the study plan in that you lost a considerable amount of study time and had to make a new one.

2) You keep going through hot sweats of ‘oh my god I cant do this’ but you manage to control them by watching 10 episodes of something on Netflix.

3) People who say they feel ‘ready’ for the exam, scare the shit out of you.

4) Going on Youtube to watch an explanation of something and ending up in a confusing part of the internet learning how to speak with Dolphins.

5) Buying stationery is a lot higher on your list of priorities than using it.

6) All study sessions must be supported with adequate snacks…all the doughnuts.

7) You can’t remember the last time you hated an inanimate object like the way you look at your exam timetable.

8) You’ve decided to never speak to anyone on your course ever again.

9) On more than one occasion you’ve opened the door in your pyjamas, with terrible bed head at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Your postman judges you.

10) Ordering a Dominos twice a week has become somewhat of a ritual- there are more important things than cooking.

Love Robyn

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