Eff off to being busy all the bloody time


As Kylie Jenner said in that awful New Years video ‘2016 is just like about realising things’- I never really thought that a vauge comment bubbled up by one of America’s not so sweethearts would ever be applicable but I guess to some extent I do have to agree. 2016 is about the right time in  my life to realise a lot of things, about old friends,  new friends, studying and finally coming to terms with the fact that ‘busy’ doesn’t always mean ‘happy’ or ‘fufilled’.

I always seem to get mixed up with the idea that if I’m always doing something, it will distract me from confronting anything that makes me feel bad. Yeah this might mean I run a few miles or even take on the task of cleaning the bathroom but I know as soon as I put that scrubbing brush down, my own demons will come out to play again. But thats one of the worst things about the time we live in, there are endless possibilities to distract yourself. Hours of Instagram, looking at videos of cats, nobody needs to talk about things anymore because we can go and stare at a screen.

This year for me is about realising things, its about realising that five minutes of nothingness or of reading or of talking to someone are way more beneficial than the buzz I get from being ‘busy’, from rushing from one place to another without really sitting back and thinking ‘do I even want to do this?’. It’s about realising that Instagram isn’t as true as it looks and that needing to look at my phone every time there’s an advert on is a huge, massive addiction to needing to be ‘busy’.

It’s something we all need to get to grips with, being a ‘no’ man to things like ipads, phones or Netflix binges and being a ‘yes’ girl to friends,  writing and buying enough homeware to fill a B&Q. So lets finish what we’re doing and say ‘Eff off’ to being busy.

Happy Sunday!

Love Robyn!

12 thoughts on “Eff off to being busy all the bloody time”

  1. There comes a time in life where one realizes what is really important. The internet of things isn’t necessarily one of them. Although it did open up a much larger line of communication, in the process thereof, we have somehow grown apart from one another. Sometimes just a simple cup of tea in a quiet room is absolute heaven. We all need a place of peace away from the all the other madness.

    BTW Robyn… I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can check it out on my page if you like. Wishing you and yours a great day. Thank you for your contribution to our community 🙂

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