10 reasons to be happy in 2016


Wow, now that’s a positive title! Totally unlike me but I’ve decided 2016, is still in that ‘new relationship phase’ (it shaves it’s legs and hasn’t  fully revealed its full on love for Justin Bieber) things are going great so why not plaster that smile across yo face??

1) Trainers are now classed ‘cool’ and ‘classy’ and they are a world away from the chavvy monstrosities my brother used to wear 10 years ago, this means COMFORT all the time. And thats all I care about.

2) I feel like gluten free has stopped being a mainstream thing. Good. I like gluten.

3) Strong is the new ‘skinny’. Although I don’t really like using the word ‘skinny’, I had to use it for effect. But yes now more than ever women are lifting weights and eating actual food, and womens magazines just have to deal with it.

4) You never have to worry about having shitty friends because Netflix. Netflix got yo back.

5) At this point we’ve already got past the actual saddest day of the year, its onwards and upwards from here guys.

6) You can now set preferences on Facebook so you don’t have deal with seeing everyones moany Facebook without taking the plunge and deleting them.

7) I’ve reached that point in my life where I go to clubs wearing comfortable clothes. Not a reason for everyone to be happy but it makes my life easier.

8) There is no shame in coming home from work and getting right into your pyjamas, this will even be okay in the middle of summer.

9) Everybody has stopped whinging about food photos on Insta. Food porn is my life .

10) You can buy amazing homeware everywhere. And just because you like it, doesn’t make you old.

Now don’t we all feel a little bit more warm and fuzzy?

Love Robyn

22 thoughts on “10 reasons to be happy in 2016”

  1. I really love the list! Yes, I like Gluten too… And I love the fact that women are now lifting weights and eating real food, now I´m not alone…not that I didn´t mind. 😉 Although I haven´t been seeing many where I live… must be coming.
    And yes, food pics on insta….yeeessss! Together with pjs they´re the best!

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  2. Now, if you had said “food and porn” as opposed to “food porn” … well, then we’d have that in common, I guess.

    “2016, is still in that ‘new relationship phase’ (it shaves its legs and hasn’t fully revealed its full on love for Justin Bieber)”—too funny. Great post!

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  3. I love No.4. Dead Like Me (newly on) is the best dark humour I have EVER seen. I want ‘George’ to come collect me, when the time is due. No.8, someone once suggested I don my pyjamas at the end of the day, I said “I don’t wear PJ’s” Well, they said, put on what you do wear in bed. I did. I haven’t seen my neighbour in months, she never got over it. I don’t wear anything in bed. I cannot even think about Bieber, without throwing up in my own mouth. Damn! I never knew keyboards were so hard to clean.


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