15 signs you just don’t get Instagram…



^^These are my poor attempts at trying to make my way into the Instagram hall of fame…I like food.

1) You look at peoples themed Instagrams and think ‘who the hell has time for that’.

2) All your attempts seem to look strangely, very blurry….why?!

3) Your bowl of soup looks less ‘rustic’ and more ‘baby poo’.

4) You celebrated the day you got over 200 followers.

5) You’re very suspicious of people who 22k followers but only follow 500 people (and they’re not even famous).

6) The idea that you can give somebosy money to give your page a facelift seems like an awful waste of cocktail money.

7) You air first pump when your oicture gets over 11 likes and starts being numbers not people’s names.

8) Your pretty certain that those bloggers lives can’t be anywhere near as a perfect as their Instagram shows. ..that would be just too unfair.

9) You know the secret to Instagram is being part of #selfienation or taking pictures in mysterious and beautiful places but what do you do when you spend most of your time revising in your pyjamas?

10) You’re pretty sure you missed the email which explained how to do Instagram. Maybe it’s in my spam folder?

11) People who post pictures of themselves in sportsbras or topless make you feel slightly sick… in what world?!

12) You’ve come to the conclusion that like all great artists of their time, you are just simply misunderstood…a lot like Van Gogh (but you know without the ear thing).

13 ) Don’t people get annoyed with putting all their nice stuff on the floor just to take a Flatlay pic?? They must sweep up a lot.

14) Your breakfast of a squished bananna and a bread roll will never really class as ‘foodporn’…. who has time for smoothie bowls?!

15) You get so often annoyed about wanting more likes on a bloody picture when there does seem to be slightly more important things.

Have a great Monday everyone…
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Love Robyn!

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