17 of the most annoying phrases ever…


Has anybody ever said anything to you and you’ve thought you might scream with frustration? Yep, that will probably be on this list…

1) Well what can you really do with that degree?

2) Do you need a bag? –no Claire, i’ll just juggle everything.

3) Well yeah, having to pay rent is annoying but maybe you should live more within your means.

4) I never had these problems when I was your age, you young people complain too much.

5) *insert 500 pictures of their baby on Facebook* please stop.

6) *someone sees you running for the bus* oooh in a rush love?

7) Sadly we’ve just run out of the last bacon, bbq, double cheeseburger, drizzled in blue cheese…we do have veggie burgers left though.

8) Aren’t you gunna give me a smile??

9) Leggings aren’t really trousers are they?

10) Doughnuts aren’t really a good breakfast food…why don’t you try some Quinoa and some quark? I personally hand pick fruit for my breakfast everyday.

11) I’ll take a chocacino-non foam-soya-latte-no cream-double chocolate…to go please.

12) Oh sorry I forgot to clean the bathroom would you mind doing it?

13 ) You know cheese is bad for you?

14) This cafe has no wifi because why can’t we just talk to each other like it’s the nineties?

15) Oh you have 400 followers on Instagram? Thats so cool! I only have about  40K, nothing really…Don’t you give me your pretend modesty!

16) So how much do you really drink during the week?

17) Well my high protein, low carb diet is just ah-may-zing…You should try it.

Have a great weekend!

Love Robyn!

20 thoughts on “17 of the most annoying phrases ever…”

  1. #2, esp when you have 10 or 12 items!! No problem, I’ll just slip that carton of eggs and gallon of milk into my pockets. And #11, I’m always in line at Starbuck’s behind ol’ #11. Thanks Robyn, great post!

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