11 signs your other half is way too understanding…


After a while you start to realise you might be more nuttier than a fruit and nut bar….here’s all the signs your other half has the patience of Saint:

1) Everytime you can’t find your other sock (who has time to match socks?!) , 2  minutes before the bus comes and you’re definitely going to be late for the work, they slide over a pair of their own matched socks (they do!).

2) They make unlimited amounts of cups of tea in times where only tea can get you through the day (hangovers). 

3) They don’t ask why you’re crying (because you can’t find the really important file on your stupid computer) they just tell you to sit on the sofa, whilst they find it themselves…under the name “Very important file”. 

4) If you hate someone, they hate someone. 

5) They don’t ask why or how you still need to watch every episode of How I Met Your Mother from beginning to end evn though you can both recite the words from every scene, they just go along with it. 

6) They always share their last biscuit with you, when you start looking at it longingly and start sniffling with non-biscuity sadness. 

7) They are the ones that have to look after Passports becaue your’s gets lost or gets squished in between all the magazines and that’s just stressfull. 

8) They go back to bars with you when you’ve left your wooly hat there, or your phone, or your keys, you know anything extremely important to be honest. 

9) They don’t ask questions when you make them wear funny costumes for halloween/ fancy dress parties. 

10) They don’t have much gossip to tell you, but they will sit listening to you for hours and hours whilst you go on and on about every minor detail in your life and everybody elses. 

11) They always come to job/university interviews with you (but obviously wait in the Cafe down the road) because they now you’ll go a bit loopy otherwise. 


haha so which one are you? I’d like to think I’m a bit of a disaster but also a deal with grown uping…..although the amount of time I’mscared that there’s a ghost in my apartment and wake my boyfriend up to tell him about it, probably means I’m more on the nuttier side of the chocolate bar.

Love Robyn!


6 thoughts on “11 signs your other half is way too understanding…”

  1. These sound VERY specific. I can’t share socks with my spouse, I’m the size of an ogre, my feet are grotesquely massive (and just grotesque). My spouse is a petite tulip, there’s no sock swapping. And I watched most of the seasons of How I Met Your Mother once and bailed out on the last two seasons, leaving my betrothed to endure the last bits alone. Mayhap I am a failure of an other half?

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