14 signs you’re embracing student life to the maximum…


1) You spend more time sleeping in and waiting for the bus than you do actually attending any of your morning activities.

2) You’ve perfected the gentle art of sleeping for 14 hours or sleeping for 2.

3) You get weird if you spend too much time in your duvet cocoon and not enough time humaning.

4) A life based on eating 13p packet noodles is basically your dream.

5) Time spent being productiveis always outweighed by time spent lying on sofa, feeling mainly sad and hungover. Oh and sometimes whilst devouring all the Malteasers.

6) You’re pretty sure you didnt learn absolutely anything during your A-levels except for how to disguise the fact you slept through the first 2 periods…

7)Your mum asks you on the regular ‘so what do you want to do with your life?’ To which you make a noise resembling a seal ‘mwarghj’ and then cry a little bit.

8) The guy at the take away has your number and sends you a birthday text ever year without fail.

9) You don’t need to go on a diet to loose weight because a lack of money means you’re not entirely sure the last time you ate a vegtable…

10) People that wake up before 7am and go jogging make you loose all faith in the world.

11) You know at all times which supermarkets are selling of gin/tequila at any given time.

12) Sometimes you cry in the supermarket because it’s too much and who needs all this choice. Send help.

13) You know that wine doesn’t actually solve any if problems but a life without it seems just so drab.

14) Eating an entire tub of ice-cream in one sitting is totes normal.

Love Robyn!

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