11 things to remember to get you out of that mid January slump…


I had to throw that picture in because we all know that the reigns on January’s diet have been significantly loosened since we got into the comfy, squidgy part of January, where it’s always dark and you can’t imagine it ever being summer again…

Here are a few tips to put a smile on your face….

1) Watch every episode of How I Met Your Mother even though you’ve seen them a thousand times.

2) Start ordering the tiniest order of Sushi from the takeaway so that the takeaway man knows you’re taking your diet seriously.

3) Stop kidding yoursekf with that 6.30 (am!) Yoga alarm. It’s never gunna happen.

4) Buying fancy new sports clothes os a workout in itself (all that Lycra). So don’t feel guilty for not using them yet.

5) Just because Christmas has officially gone away doesn’t mean the reduced price chocolate santas have!

6) Nobody can ever be as sporty as sporty Jen from 2 floors up who runs to work (even when its pissing it down). So don’t feel guilty about sitting in your cozy car.

7) Theres no need for that much Quinoa in somebody’s life. What the hell is Quinoa? And why is it said weird?

8) Exam revision has to be cautiously started, as if you were going swimming, first a toe in the water abd then 45 minute break and a kit-kat.

9 ) Jogging three times a week is a reasonable goal…so is sitting on the sofa refusing to go out into the icy tundra.

10) Changing straight into your Pyjamas after work just makes economical sense.

11) Eating soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner because actually cooking seems so tiring is actually the lazy persons guide to healthy eating!

Love Robyn!

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