11 things I wish I had more of in my life…


Spoiler: it’s more ice cream. And jaffa cakes.

Just kidding, well actually I’m not, i definitely would like more ice cream but there are other things on the list.

1) More time to spend stalking other people’s sister’s half cousin’s wedding photos in Dubai through the power of Instagram.

2) More effort to do gruelling workout regimes.

3) More strength than to just call my mum when I forget how to boil a potato.

4) More patience when the staff in Mcdonalds are working incredibly slowly at 2am and all you need is a greasy cheeseburger to soak all that vodka up with.

5) More willpower when it comes to putting money into my ever depleating savings account.

6) More botheredness to pair my socks up together rather than just manically searching for the other blue one.

7) More sympathy when that girl who always gets back together with her douchey ex-boyfriend comes up to you and starts complaining how douchey he is.

8) More willingness to do German past papers for that big, huge exam in a month.

9) More compassion for the environment when it comes to needing all electrical items charging at the same time.

10) A more relaxed approach when it comes to reliving embarrassing memories and/or stress.

11) More hours in the day to combine my love of lounging and my hate for productivity into one long day where I might actually possibly get something actually done.

Have you got any of your own?

Love Robyn

10 thoughts on “11 things I wish I had more of in my life…”

  1. More patience for my mother’s questions.
    More energy for correcting/correcting notes on my students’ papers.
    More willpower to “save that pizza for tomorrow’s lunch.
    More ability to purge my stuff.
    More confidence to ask women out.
    Greater ability to sleep.
    More enthusiasm for things other want to do.
    And these are just off the top of my head.


  2. The ability to give away clothing that will NEVER fit me again
    The ability to make a decision and then quit changing my mind
    The ability to remember people’s birthdays before the actual day
    The ability to buy myself an adult tricycle and stop worrying what people will think. And actually ride it to do my errands.
    The ability to nap and not feel guilty about it.


    1. Haha an adult tricycle! That sounds great! Don’t worry about looking silly I see people on those lying down bikes cycling around all the time so you can get away with an adult tricycle


  3. More patience for when I hear my sister whine about another man (but continually fails to even think about her OWN faults)…
    More patience also for when I don’t stop whining myself. LOL


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