12 thoughts that go through my head now that the festive season is over…


Well, well, I hope you all enjoyed the festive season whilst it was here (all 13 seconds of it) because that its for a whole 11 months. Sob sob.

1) No more cake. No more fun. No more getting unbelievably drunk just because. Sigh, it’s just sad.

2) Why did I just find a third chin underneath my 2nd one?! How long has that been there?! Do other people know about it?!

3) Oh great the supermarket is now even more annoying because I can’t even sneak any marzipan covered treats in my trolley just to keep me going.

4) Oh and apparently wine makes you fat.

5) When do people take their Christmas lights out?! Is a Christmas candle bad luck?!

6) Do people always look this miserable and grey at this time of the year? Oh gosh its gruesome.

7) Is there a such thing as a pyjama hangover? Because I’ve seriously binged on festive, fluffy pyjamas and now I’m not prepared to go back to wearing real human clothes.

8)Why can’t people always be as cheerful and as pissed as they are in December? It would make going to work a lot easier.

9) Sainsburys is still full of nutters bargain buying last years Chris cards at a fraction of the price.

10) If I’m leaving my mams and going back to leading my grown up life, who’s gunna buy all my food?!

11) Hopefully theres been a problem at the bank and they’ve accidentally put a thousand pounds in there by mistake (okay I’ll take fifty quid….).

12) So does tv just go back to normal now? What about January specials? What having Christmas films on all the time?

I hope you all have a bearable monday back at work and eat lots if jaffa cakes to get you through it!

Love Robyn

13 thoughts on “12 thoughts that go through my head now that the festive season is over…”

  1. Getting drunk just because….seems like a good enough reason for me. Maybe there is a low fat way to get drunk….I’m just saying.
    Of course, if I could come up with that, I’d be a millionaire (or better).

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  2. A language question to spare future scholars of your work the extra effort: at #8, is “pissed” to be taken as “inebriated” or the American usage, which is “angry”?

    Thanks for the laugh this morning. How we mortals take holidays and find an abundance of pain and frustration in the celebration is a marvel.

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  3. i don´t think a christmas candle is bad luck. Otherwise I would be the most unlucky person on the planet now…
    oh and I also never take out my christmas lights either. I like to think of them as all-year-round-light….:-P


  4. I totally love your comment about the pyjama hangover! I just love December not only is there Christmas which I retain a childlike delight in but my birthday is on the 30th of December and then there is New Year’s Eve! You can imagine the effort that goes into my pre-Christmas primping session! I haven’t had a drink at Christmas though since I spent the Christmas of 2004 alone with a large bag of cocaine and bottle of vodka. It was the worst Christmas I’d ever had.


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