13 reasons we all love Gogglebox…

If you are like me and my family you are completely in love with the idea and the people that bless English telly screens every Friday. Channel 4 you have created a masterpiece. 

1) The posh, pissed couple from Sandwich who make you feel less guilty about that extra large glass of Shiraz. 

2) It’s people watching at it’s finest. 

3) It’s everything that we’re thinking and everything we’re not all at the same time!


4) June and Leon arguing like everybody’s grandparents. We love it.

5) The wide variety of animal slippers and tea pot cozies, that can’t possibly imagine where she gets them from or however many she couldpossibly  own. 

6) It allows you to watch a week worths of telly in one sitting (which gives you more time for Netflix binges).


7) Realising that everybody thinks The Great Pottery Bake Off (or whatever it’s called) is an absolutely stupid but comically brilliant concept for a show. 

8) Giles wonderful one liners. 

9) The feeling you get that you’re on the show as well and come up with a bunch of witty one liners.


10) The amount of dogs, that family from Manchester has. 

11) The way that Scarlett Moffat might just be our telly bestfriend.


12) The fact that that German bloke can’t say a sentence without effing or blinding. 

13) The way Lee looks at Jenny when she comes out with some ridiculous comment. 


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