Blogging block…


Now blogging block is sadly an illness with no notable remedy, for some of us it’s cured by seeing something random on the bus, for others it’s about staring at your computer screaming ‘THINK BRAIN THINK’. It’s a quiet but all consuming illness which leaves you with a layer of guilt for not having posted in a 2.3 days.

This morning I woke up knowing that I was due a blog post….like when you realise that you haven’t had a cold for ages only to be utterly ravished by snot and sneezes the very next day. I was fuzzy headed from 3 constant days of wine, croissants and sleep deprivation. In my hungover state, I was pissed off and a bit teary and I absolutely did not know what to write about except for the also medicinal effects of a bacon sandwich.

So what is one to do? Cry, scream, think about the impending doom of not having a blog post ready? Eat your body weight in chocolate Santas?

Well you are always supposed to eat your body weight in chocolate Santas and cry and realise that’s absolutely nothing to be done about it. Especially not on a Sunday, when there’s Netflix to be watched and crisps to devour.

Oh look a blog post…

Love Robyn!

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