17 reasons to accept the fact that christmas is amazing…


I’m not sure how I’m doing it but I am in fact managing to avoid that part of christmas where you get completely panicky and even the ‘Oh my God I’ve bought no presents’ stage even though I haven’t actually bought any. Anyway I figured seeing as I am in love with the festive season why not do  post about it- yule won’t regret reading it…

1) You can eat chocolate for brekkie and not even your mum can tell you off for it.

2) Not only that but you are actively encouraged to eat chocolate at breakfast for 25consecutive days.

3) It’s perfectly acceptable to crack open the Baileys at around 3 in the afternoon. 

4) All aspects of self control go out of the window- who needs 25 pairs of fluffy socks?! I DO. 

5) You will feel this strange mixture of love and loathe, everytime you walk into a shop and theres christmas music playing. Don’t fight it.

6) You can roast a chestnut, when else can you roast a chestnut?!

7) Christmas markets mean drinking a gallon of mulled wine and falling asleep on the bus  stinking of cinammon is absolutely fine. 

8) You can indulge your love of scented candles and buy 100 pumpkin spice vanilla white christmas ones. 

9) Finally,you can put all those unused bath bombs and soap gift sets to good use-as other people’s presents.

10) Sequins become a part of daily life. 

11) It becomes perfectly normal to throw on your pyjamas at 3pm in the afternoon because it’s very dark and cold outside. 

12) You don’t have to worry about diets, because as soon as that first mince pie hits your plate, calories don’t count anymore.

13) Gravy with everything (although if you are from the north of England theres nothing new there).

14) People start having competetive christmas light wars which only end in heartbreak and enjoyment.

15) You can wear thick, lumpy christmas jumpers, which hide a multitude of sins. 

16) You can finally  let yourself have the finer things in life. Smoked salmon, why not? Champagme? Yes please. 

17) People being friendly for the first time in eleven months. 

Love Robyn x 

9 thoughts on “17 reasons to accept the fact that christmas is amazing…”

  1. I have never yet experienced a Christmas season without getting panicky about how much needs doing before the big day and how little I’ve actually done. But thanks for reminding me that there are great things about the season too.

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