12 Reasons why Marshall from HIMYM should be everybody’s best friend

Although the last season might be well over and done with and although we might have seen every episode a billion times, it doesn’t stop the brilliance of How I Met Your Mother….or the brilliance of Marshall…

1) He gets involved in everybody’s weird master plans and doesn’t even question why….


2) He possibly more dramatic than other person  in the world and that makes us look positively normal.


3) He might be a lawyer but he doesn’t let a boring day jon get in the way of his love for pies. And bars.


4) He believes in crazy things like the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and even squirrel marriage. image

5) No matter how embarrassing the story, he won’t tell. He’ll just look at you feeling wildly uncomfortable.


6) Barney’s slap bet is probably one of the most funniest, tense things in the world. 


7) He never thinks of the obvious,and that makes you look kind of smart.


8) He’s loyal. Well kind of.


9) He has trouble with dieting just as much as we do. We know what it’s like Big Fudge.


10) Even though he’s a giant of a man, he gets confidence issues too.


11) But he can also be sassy and fabulous when he wants to. 


12) He talks about the real things that matter…


Now go watch an old series, you won’t regret it…

Love Robyn! 

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