8 ways having a blog is like having a baby

Are you having crazy deja vu? Well yes, that’s because I’ve decided to revamp an old blog post…because it’s good….and I’m lazy. No seriously, it will still be funny…I promise.

Btw I have zero children so this is all completely based on what I imagine. But probably true.

1. You wake up on the morning but you’ve been up all night hearing these random pings wanting your attention, you don’t want to look at the stats, good, bad ?! But then you know one glowing comment makes everything disappear.

2. You are that mum, all you do is talk about your blog baby. ‘Aw did you read this post?! Can you share this on Facebook?!’ Pictures, statuses and links, you’ve changed.

3. People have probably blocked you on Facebook and other social media sites because all you do is repeatedly talk about your blog baby. They just need to get over it.

4. You will do anything for your child, such as connecting to any random wifi hotspot just so you can finally post that perfect post. Or making partners and family members take part on your own silly social experiments so you’ll have something to write about .

5. You can’t go out anymore. All you do is care for this growing baby blog, thinking of posts, reading other people’s, you think about the easy days before you were parent a lot. Sigh. What would I do without it though?!

6) You get serious ‘blog brain’ where whenever anybody interrupts you mid post, you’ll proceed to forget everthing you’ve thought about in the last few days and accidently put orange juice in your tea.

7) Having conversations with fellow bloggers is a lot like those mother and baby groups, you’ll get jealous, you’ll wonder why yours doesn’t do that, os something wrong?!

8) You get little sweats, you’ve never had this much responsibilty before….who let you bein charge of something so wonderful?!

Love Robyn.





39 thoughts on “8 ways having a blog is like having a baby”

  1. Those are very accurate! Except #2 and #3. I don’t want my friends to know that i blog or even my family. But my friends found out that I blog… But I don’t talk to them about my blog. I’m very shy about it.


      1. LOL, my family has no choice but to read at least SOME of the posts. But agree, most just look at the photos I attach. But family (including babies) are the best to make fun of (with) – good and bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. In my opinion people on fb tend to be lazy and don’t wanna bother reading anything longer than a paragraph ๐Ÿ˜Š I want to shove my baby blog under their nose so they can tickle my little blog under the chin and praise how gorgeous he is ๐Ÿ˜ is your baby blog potty trained yet? Or sat up unattended? X

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  3. OMG ! You said it all. So true. I sometimes wonder why only some of us love to devour blogs and all the useful information blogs contain. My life has improved so much after I started blogging, simply because I get to learn so many things. I wish our friends on social media were so knowledge hungry too. You are right. A party pic, hundreds of likes, something intelligent, just a few likes.

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  4. Wait wait wait wait. Obsessively clicking your stats button is a thing?! Cause I’m new to this blogging thing, and figured it was part of my normal temptation for obsession. Love this post. Looks like a to do list for me!!


  5. Haha and #6!! Whenever my daughter pops in while I’m writing I’m like- wait wait mummy’s working, mommy’s working! Mommy’s trying to remember her awesome thought just now, don’t distract, don’t ask me to wipe your tush, just hang on! Lol. I guess that makes two babies for me. Ok I’m done posting on your page now. Lol.

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  6. I often ignore my real family so I can blog, so yeah, sometimes even better than my kids. Because when I blog cries for attention, I go right to it, on the other hand when my kids cry for attention, I tell them to be quiet.


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