14 things to remember when you go christmas shopping…


Aah it’s almost that blissfull time of year, where families get drunk on cheap Prosecco and fight with each other. Ahh just bliss, but before that comes the hectic squabbles in Primark over fluffy socks, heres 14 thing’s that you definitely need to remember before you leave Prinark with a black eye….

1) Don’t by two younger cousins two different things unless you want world war 3 to break out at your dinner table.

2) Don’t just spend your time in Marks & Spencers by the free samples actually avoiding any shopping.

3) Bath stuff is cheating.

4) if you buy someone monopoly don’t expect everyone to not hate you.

5) Don’t  fight crazy mums in Tesco’s for the last box of quality street. That’s how people die.

6) Never utter the phrase “I’m just going to pop in quickly to Primark!” Nobody can endure that much craziness.

7) Always remember that wine is more important than food. So buy it in boxes.

8) Don’t expect your dad to want anything more than socks, it’s been a Christmas tradition for the last 20 years….why would he want anything more?

9) Don’t shout at any Christmas elves, you’ll go on the naughty list.

10) Don’t be enticed by the pound land is 3 for a pound offer on wrapping paper, nobody needs that much (I mean how many presents do you have to wrap anyway…).

11) don’t forget to buy twice the amount of chocolate gifts, one for you and one for them. Perfect!

12) stopping off for a gourmet burger and chips is not cheating, it’s just refuelling.

13) Don’t forget to wear double the amount of deodrant when you go shopping because stress sweats.

14) Don’t forget your neighbor’s best friend’s aunty Susan, that for some reason always buys you christmas presents even though you’re pretty sure you’ve never met.

Actually after all that, I think I might just do it all online…

Love Robyn!

15 thoughts on “14 things to remember when you go christmas shopping…”

  1. Yes. Online. Definitely do that. I like to have one venture out into the shops just to see the decorations and snort derisively at the other shoppers, nut the rest is online or hand made.

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  2. Online is far less stress and aggrovation. There were some good points on here, except 6, I never go in becasue their clothes might be cheap, but are truly crap!
    If I was buying for you, it wouold be no surprise that you would be getting the extra long box of Jaffa Cakes. Probably three of them then they might last the day 😛

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    1. I have a secret love for primark but you would have to be seriously crazy to go there within 12 weeks of christmas! Haha and Jaffa cakes would be a fab present! But you know what I actually prefer a home brand Jaffa Cake to an actual Jaffa Cake….is that wrong?

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      1. I’ve not seen a home brand Jaffa Cake. I’ve always been brought up on McVities.
        Why would that be wrong – I want to make Jaffa Cakes.


  3. Yeah, what is up with number 14? Everyone has that weird neighbor of an aunt of a friend who gives you gifts. How did I end up on her list!?! “Bath stuff is cheating.” Awww come on! That’s not cheating, it’s pragmatic! Fine, gift cards it is.


  4. I can’t wait for the day when Christmas presents are delivered online too! Ever since the day someone decided that feet are the best place to put socks, they have been a good investment. But NOT for Christmas. No! You show me someone who’s likely to buy me socks for Christmas and I’ll show you someone with a hate-fuelled streak of revenge, that will have that person quivering in their (sockless) boots for all eternity!


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