It’s okay to feel absolutely gutted sometimes…


As you might have seen on my blog, I don’t tend to get real personal about my life, I mean I open up about my crippling addiction to Jaffa Cakes and that I’m a lazy student but generally I keep a little distance. But today, grown up-ing hit me hard and you know what sometimes you just gotta get it all off your chest. 

We all know what rejection feels like, it comes in different shapes and forms but generally we’ve all had a taste of that hard hitting, stomach plunging, absolutely gutted feeling. It can be from love or from work or school but it’s still a bitter tase in everybody’s mouth. 

Well this is kind of about that feeling. It’s about that feeling when you just don’t get why you got rejected.

I applied for university and I got my first rejection. And it hit me like a slap in the face. It hit me so bad because I just couldn’t understand why. I applied to do TESOL and German, so I figured, seeing as I teach English as a foreign language at the moment  and I speak German (and live there incidently) it was gunna be a breeze.

But there it was. That sad little notification telling me I was good enough. Telling me that because I didn’t do German at A-Level, I just wasn’t good enough. And that hurt, and I did get upset and to be honest I did feeling like sending an email to a certain University, begging and pleading them to just give me one little chance. 

It’s hard when you know, in your hearts of hearts, that you deserve something or that you’d be great at something, if someone just gave you a chance. It’s hard when it hits you ar the most unexpected times. 

It’s hard as well to feel like you have to justify your guttedness. 

So here I say, just allow yourself to be absolutely gutted, cry in the shower like you’re in a soppy film, because really once you’ve flushed that big bag of stressed out guttedness, you might be able to see a silver lining. 

Now it’s time for a big bar of chocolate and glass of Shiraz, 

Love Robyn!

27 thoughts on “It’s okay to feel absolutely gutted sometimes…”

  1. Maurice LaMarche (Brain) from Pinky and the Brain said he believed the important life-lesson from that show was to dust yourself off from yesterday’s failure and always “try to take over the world.” So that’s what I’m doing now. “Same thing we do every night, Pinky!” “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”


  2. Sorry to hear that! Remember that it only takes one “yes” to get you where you want to be. And sometimes it’s a lot of “no”s that help you ultimately find the right direction. I thought I wanted to be a solicitor, but every job I applied for told me no. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be because there’s something better out there for you.


  3. Because there is something else. Something better that is coming for you to do. And when it does, you will be SO glad that you weren’t busy doing what you thought you wanted to do. That is not to invalidate your current feelings…cry it out, girly. But just remember that something wonderful is headed your way. 🙂

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  4. Chin up! I just ran across a post on FB that had rejection letters to some of the most influential people of all time. People who are successful aren’t just lucky, they try hard and in the process, get knocked down a few times. Get back on the horse and try again!


  5. So sorry to hear. I can totally relate to that, last year, I was rejected by my own university for a program that I was so ready to attend, you know what I mean, I´ve made plans and all. I thought I´d get in quite smoothly, but then, there was that slap in the face. It sucked, and I don´t want to sound preachy, but looking back, I´m really glad I waited a year and I have 500 reasons :D. It´s not because something better comes, I´m taking that program now, but it´s about what I did and how I´ve changed as a person during the waiting time. Ok, I sound like a real adult now, I´ll stop. I came here to say that there´s more to it, even in rejection. ❤

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  6. You know that email you said you felt like sending? Do it! Or better yet -call someone at admissions and ask about the reasons. I was in the same situation once and it turned out that a misunderstanding led to my rejection. One call took care of the problem and I was in. You never know – but I think it is worth a try. Good luck in any case!

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  7. Sorry for the university’s short sightedness. Their loss. But your gain since you would miss the perfect place for you if you had accepted this location. Don’t you just hate this placating talk? But, its true…the perfect for you is still out there.

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  8. Kind of on the other end of the experience – getting out of a field in which I thought I belonged (and, by many measures, probably did!) and feeling gutted (along with flashes of relief… they live next to each other sometimes.) Instead of the “God closes on door to open another” platitude, I think I’ll run with your closing and say, “When one bottle is empty God is game to pop another.” All the best as your future opens.

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  9. Had to look up ‘TESOL’. Saw this course the other day ‘English FFS’, took me ages to stop laughing and realise it meant ‘For Foreign Students’ and not the other meaning I have for FFS.


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