14 friends you absolutely need in your life….


Some friends can be absolute stinkers but some friends can be wine loving Angels just like yourself:                                  

1) That one that’s always up to get absolutely shitfaced at casual social events.
2) That one that mentions that you’ve lost weight every time she see’s you.
3) The one that feeds you up on homemade sausage rolls and wine when you pop round.
4) The one that always answers your ‘I’m an idiot’ texts with ‘you are fab, glass of wine?’
5) The one that shares their drunken kebab with you.
6) The one that knows the power of camera angles.
7) The one that knows you-re as mad as a box of bees but still goes out with you in public.
8) The one that not only condones but joins in on bitching about people that have ever been mean to you ever.
9) The one that sends you funny cat pictures/videos.
10) The one that is NEVER glued to their phone during dinner.    

11) The one that gave you a lift that time when it was absolutely pissing it down.

12) The one that never eats all their lunch.
13) The one that you have so much intel on they have to be your friend forever and ever. 

14) The one that refers to you as their ‘life partner’ when wierd people in clubs chat them up. 

Love Robyn! 

14 thoughts on “14 friends you absolutely need in your life….”

  1. “The one that’s always up to get absolutely shitfaced at casual social events” That friend is oftentimes my favorite. They take the pressure off. No one will notice my social gaffes and lack of small-talk once water buffalo Bob knocks over the punch bowl!


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