Sunday cheer up….

Hello everybody,

After the horrific events that unfolded on Friday, I have had a little bit of a writers block. So i’ve deicided in light of all the darkness and the fear that has rippled throughout Europe, I wanted to share a few of my cheeriest blog posts, although its nothing new, they will hopefully still make you laugh/smile and that’s important in times like these…

Have a beautiful sunday everybody and although this may be full on blog cheese: don’t forget to smile

p.s. Someone commented on my lack of pugs so…


  1. If theres one thing I’ve learn its that Autocorrect fails are literally the funniest things ever, read this post here to wee yourself with laughter…
  2. As my 20th birthday fast approaches, I compiled a list of things I’ve learnt in the last 19 years
  3. I’ve also lifted the veil on Autumn (leaf sludge we know about you!) read it here
  4. You know about Instagram Barbie, right? What. You don’t?! Read this (its for your 7 year old self really)
  5. It’s not as if you need a reason to be obsessed with The Mindy Project, but if you do here is my compilation list as to why Mindy really is my spirit animal….
  6. And finally, the Kardashians really do say some stupid things….stupidly hilarious things, check this list out for some real comic relief.

Love Robyn!

7 thoughts on “Sunday cheer up….”

  1. Oh dear. I hope it wasn’t me pestering you about pugs! Anyway, have you seen this ‘Moschino’ Barbie? What’s that all about? Seems wrong. Cute pug BTW, I love the way her tongue matches her bow.

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