12 things that happen when you’ve lived in Germany for a while…


What would a blog post about Germany be without a picture of a pretzel…

1) You get really serious about crossing the road at the proper time (no jaywalking!).

2) Bread. Bread. Bread. You know the difference between a sour dough and a Dinkelbrot. And you have been know to eat your body weight im pretzels.

3) No matter how long you’ve lived there you’ll not not be offended when somebody doesn’t queue.

4) The feeling of surprise, hurt and anger when you’re in England and the bus, train or tram doesnt run exactly to the minute on time. 

5) You find yourself telling your English friends ‘actually sauerkraut isn’t all that bad’.

6) Even if you’ve been there for 10 years you’ll still get shivers down your spine at the thought of filling out tax rebates, applications and insurance polices. Formular, formular….

7) Although you may not have perfected the german language you will know how to eloquently call someone a ‘whore’s bike’ when they piss you off. 

8) After nearly being run over by an old lady on bike, you know its better to risk your life by walking on the road rather than walking in the bicycle lane.

9) Half a jar of nutella does constitute as breakfast (but when didnt it really?!).

10) You’ll find yourself throwing in ‘ja’s or ‘na ja’s when you’re even speaking in English. 

11) When it comes to visiting old people, you know there is no such thing as too many cups of coffee (much like the English and tea).

12) No matter how good the education, transport or banking industry is there will still always be a huge gap in market for cheddar cheese.

Love Robyn 

16 thoughts on “12 things that happen when you’ve lived in Germany for a while…”

  1. Ha Ha, yep we can tick each of your boxes. Well perhaps not the one about on time trains. Around our way the S -Bahn is always late, cancelled or on strike).

    And I can add a 13) If you are caught doing something deemed inappropriate you WILL get “the withering look” especially deadly if given from an old lady.



  2. I always found that the old ladies with their shopping carts behind you in the checkout lane were more dangerous than the ones on bikes. As for Cheddar Cheese – I waited for that for 30 years, but now it is everywhere (here in Austria) – even Hofer (our Aldi) has it.


  3. Haha I love this!:-) But what word do you mean in 7.?? 😉
    And yes, bread is a HUGE thing in Germany. It´s everywhere and you eat it always, with everything, anytime, always… And yes, bretzels..I love them..
    And you´re right, sauerkraut isn´t bad, in fact I love it and it has a huge amount of Vitamin C.
    Again, great post!

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  4. 4) What I can’t understand, is why we have trains run by Abellio in England, (a Dutch company), but they STILL can’t run on time! I used to sit on a train in the Netherlands, watching the second hand on my watch tick round to the ’12’ position and watch the train pull away. Here, not so much. Watching the minute hand is more appropriate, as the departure time comes and goes and you’re still sitting there! 5) Having had a bad time recently with my type 2 diabetes ‘scores’, I have been scoffing sauerkraut out of a jar, a few forkfuls at a time! I won’t mention the brand, but it has white wine in it and comes from Bavaria. Yummy! 9) Would the real Robynchristi please stand up! What’s all this about Nutella? What happened to the Jaffa cakes? (BTW, don’t tell anyone, but have you tried using the Nutella as a Jaffa cake dip? also yummy!) 10) Oh yeah, same goes for having spoken Dutch for a while! 11) Never mind the old people, coffee is nectar of the Gods! 12) I can’t believe the cheese got left till last! And another thing, where have all the pugs gone? Finally, to really disgust you, I have this strange eating thing, where I could, if tempted, like your post just has, go off and eat all that lot together. That’s it, Cheddar cheese with Nutella, sauerkraut and Jaffa cakes on German bread and washed down with coffee! I’m sorry, but I’ve always done that and it’s never bothered me. I upset my mum once by eating rollmops with ice-cream! Even yummier! I won’t be doing that though, as cheddar cheese is the only one of those I have in at the moment.


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