12 signs you’re a dog owner…


Just to prove I’m not a crazy internet dog lady, I have coerced my actual dog into taking a picture, all for this blog post (okay well it was in summer but I wanted it to be special…)

1) You always have a surprising amount of ‘poo bags’ in your pocket, even if your dog lives at your mum and dad’s house.

2) You don’t feel okay saying ‘Walk’ hence you say the ‘W word’.

3) You’re pretty certain that your dog can understand you, which is why you like to tell them all your life events.

4) You lose random items of clothing: 1 sock,an old pyjama top, a headband only to find them in your dogs bed a week later.

5) You have a special ‘dog voice’.

6) You can’t remember the last time you walked out of a room, or made a cup of tea without the tapping of paws behind you. 

7) You wouldn’t wish the smell of wet dog on anybody. 

8) You’re pretty sure that your dog is your best friend. 

9) Imagine that some people don’t leave the house covered in hair (or own a thousand lint-rollers). 

10) You know the power of a rustling packet.

11) You know the unwritten rule of friendliness between dog owners, especially on a sunday morning. 

12) If people are allowed to fill their Instagram up with cat pictures then why not dog pictures?? They are just as cute…sometimes…

Love Robyn

24 thoughts on “12 signs you’re a dog owner…”

  1. Your dog is so adorable. Who couldn’t possibly love an expressive face like that? I totally agree with all your points and would totally be lost without my Mollie. Even though she can be a pain (sometime) she is the sweetest, loving, most protective friend I’ve ever had.

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  2. Such a sweetie (your dog, I mean…but you, too, of course). I’m so envious. My husband is severely allergic and therefore has come to hate dogs. So I’ll never be able to have one. We always had a dog at home when I was growing up, so being dogless now is the Great Sorrow of My Adult Life.

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  3. with 3 jack russells, No 6 is a special problem for me – I’m always tripping over the buggers, and I can’t go to the loo without the 3 of them parking themselves outside the bathroom door to make sure I don’t slip past them unseen when I come out


  4. You captured some of the things I know but hadn’t thought about, i.e. the click, click of her nails on my hardwood floors as I make my way to the kitchen, the special voice used only with my doglet, and one you didn’t mention: how she heads to the bed when I say, “I’ll be back”. She understands to head for the sack for some uninterrupted sleep time.


  5. All true, but laughed at #1. Have poo bags in the pocket of every jacket and hoodie, glove compartment of car, tied to handle of leashes, etc. As for #2, mine can spell, so they still know! Great post, Robyn!

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  6. Absolutely! Also, you find that the sight of a dog blissed out with her belly exposed triggers your “awww” instinct, much like a snuggly newborn triggers baby-lovers. 🙂


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