8 things that happen when you visit home for a week…

It’s a busy day for me, because I’m going on a little jaunt back to my lovely family for a week (and im rather excited! And also wildly unpacked) Anyway here are 8 sure fire things to happen this week…

1) Eating so much cheddar cheese and fish & chips (err not together) thatyou consequently  gain 15 billion stone.


2) You will get more drunk than needed drinking red wine with mum and possibly throw up/ fall asleep fully clothed on the sofa.


3) You’re adoring family will be appropriately mean to you (especially if you’re the youngest).


4) Oh but when it comes to you making them a cup of tea they’re all smiles and rainbows…


5) Your mum will tell you about the time that someone she knew, who knows someone, once got a friend request on facebook from someone they didn’t know so you know ‘just be careful’.


6) The idea of waking up early and going for a family walk (in the cold) will arise….


7) When you realise that you’re are in fact the clever-est of the bunch (even though you use the term clever-est).


8) Everytime you bump into one of your parent’s friends, you question what youe parents have been saying about you (because you’re definitely not the prodigy they say you are).


Now it’s time to get my grown up on and pack, pack, pack. 

P.s. Can someone help me?

Love Robyn

8 thoughts on “8 things that happen when you visit home for a week…”

  1. Mwah ha. Number five in particular made me laugh – my mum pulls that kind of move all the time. I wonder if we’ll be as strange to our kids?! x


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