5 reasons it’s okay to absolutely freak out/not be okay sometimes…


As a person who has a serious problem with keeping my head, when I’m late or when my bus is late or something I absolutely cannot control happens and it’s gunna get in the way of plan sometimes I just need to be told ‘hey lady its okay’. So heres my blog post hot water bottle when you’re having a tough old day…

  1. It’s okay that all your worries are in your head, or that you feel like you’re heads going to explode. Sometimes we need to just worry our little faces off before we can really see that there might be a silver lining. 
  2. It’s okay to worry that your friends don’t want to listen to your problems again or that you’ll be annoying (but it’s not okay to expect a good friend to just walk on by and ignore it).
  3. It’s okay to think you’re absolutely crazy for worrying about being late or about forgetting something, but you’re definitely not alone. 
  4. It’s okay to be angry at the things that ruin your day although remember theres no way you can go back in time to change things or even control the uncontrollable things, life does have a way of putting you down (but you don’t have to let it keep you there). 
  5. It’a okay that no matter what anybody says or does, you can’t get out of this worry. It’s also okay to want to be by yourself, (just don’t banish yourself off to the naughty corner- it will only make you feel worse).

Happy friday everybody! 

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Love Robyn! 

6 thoughts on “5 reasons it’s okay to absolutely freak out/not be okay sometimes…”

  1. I have this theory that if I worry the hell out of something it will end in my favor. I’m right 50% of the time. Worrying is something I do far too often, but it’s what keeps me on my toes, always making sure I’m keeping up!


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