Fave blog posts of the week!


It’s here, woo, the first of many (hopefully- if you guys play along and keep nominating blog posts) and I’m so happy at the turn out and it makes me dead happy to see all the lovely stuff people have to say about each other. I would love to have enough material to do this every week, so please just join in!

Now I realise shortly after the first few blog posts started coming in, that it’s pretty hard to categorise you folk so the categories are a little messy, but thats all part of the fun, in’t it?

By the way please nominate yourself or someone else for next weeks feature by commenting a link to the post on this blog post, cheers. Also if you’re new and not sure about the rules, check this post out: https://robynchristi.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/new-blog-feature-favourite-blog-posts-of-the-week/ it’ll explain it all. 
The one that’s on here because it has to be…

Imagining anyone ‘Whipping’ and ‘Nay nay-ing’ is hilarious and Fattymccupcakes just deserves the award for this hilarious retelling. (P.s I told you, we loves ya here!).


The one that made me smile (and go awww)


Don’t think that this blog post is going to be your everyday blog post about children, no no no, this is a heart wrenching love story that will leave you rooting for Mr Toddler and Miss Norway oh and you’ll have you have a bit of a giggle at Mr Toddler’s dance moves.


The good, the bad and the uncategorisable



I always like the oppurtunity that here at Robynchristi, we (I) appreciate a little high culture (I mean, it’s not all Kardashian memes) so I really liked this post by Its not Orange. Maybe I’ll even give a few a whirl!

The one if you fancy a right good laugh…

Although I wasn’t gunna put this up because I wasn’t sure it had a, erm, questionable content oh and the fact that the author told me I don’t look a day over 35, I did decide to upload it, because I really never expected an Amazon customer review to be so bloody funny!


The best one about real life…


Seeing as we all lie on our CV’s, I thought this one was a good one to fit in this category. Thank you to the ever so interesting Ella, for unwravelling the truth behind her and our profressional porky pies…


same time next week? Great!

love Robyn

22 thoughts on “Fave blog posts of the week!”

  1. Wait, huh? Weren’t there completely different categories previously? Not that I disagree with the choices, but what happened to your category, “Made me sneeze-poop”? Seriously, I took a long, hard think about a post that would make you sneeze-poop and then you completely dismiss your own category creations? I mean, I endorse the Fatty McCupcakes blog and will try to check out the others as well, but what happened to other categories you DEMANDED we vote on like, “Most Likely to Blumpkin” and “Did You Try to Braid Your Own Hair” and “At Home Dental Repair Advice”?


  2. Thanks so much for including my post Robyn – that made my day! Really looking forward to reading the others – sounds like a great selection! xx

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